Early Access

With the introduction of the Early Access feature we have decided to host here completed articles after final revision but ahead of their inclusion in the published online journal issue. When referencing the articles, please remember to include additional information on the Early Access version, as in the following example:

Author, N. (2016). Article title. Replay.The Polish Journal of Game Studies, 3, Early Access version.

Once the articles appear in the published online journal issue, cite them as usual including the added data (i.e. pagination, issue and DOI information).

Replay. The Polish Journal of Game Studies 1 (3) 2016

ARTICLE | Izabela Pamula| Gram, wiec jestem. Instancja autorska a konwencja let's play w serii File System Aging Roberta Florence'a

CEEGS 2015 proceedings

ARTICLE | Jan Svelch and Tereza Krobova | Who Is the Note-Worthy Fan? Featuring Players in the Official Facebook Communication of Mainstream Video Games
ARTICLE | Stefan Stavrev | Natural User Interface for Education in Virtual Environments
REPORT | Michal Mochocki | Gamedec.UKW in IGDA Curriculum Framework


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